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 Invasion! Bandit Attack on Kirigakure! ChapI Ep2

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PostSubject: Invasion! Bandit Attack on Kirigakure! ChapI Ep2   Wed Mar 29, 2017 11:19 pm

Alright guys, it is that time again for you to voice your opinion and tell us how did we do?  Were the ECs fun to rp with?  Were they to strong?  To weak?  Did you have fun?  Don't hold back, your feedback is important!

Side Notes:
A few buildings in Kirigakure have been either damaged or destroyed.  A mission could be given to the genin to go out and retrieve supplies!

Although some of the bandits were defeated, a few escaped with important goods for Kirigakure!  At the docks, citizens have been killed and the merchant goods have been stolen.  Kirigakure will be in need of a bit of resources, perhaps evening have to reach out to Kumogakure if need be! Supply routes to Kiri have also been taken over. Prehaps missions involving clearing these routes up could be a thing!

Kiri managed to gain a prisoner.  Just how useful with they be to them?  Find out!
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Invasion! Bandit Attack on Kirigakure! ChapI Ep2
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