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 [Uzumaki, Sora] - [Fuuka Houin: Fuuton]

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PostSubject: [Uzumaki, Sora] - [Fuuka Houin: Fuuton]   Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:22 pm

BYOND Key: Darkmagic1k

Character Name: Uzumaki, Sora

Character Age: 19

Rank: B

Creation Points: Should have 14.

(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Uzumaki, Sora has been developing his own unique fuuinjutsu skills in order to live up to his clan’s name.  He has since over the past five years come in contact with one who possessed such power that he could not simply allow to slip from his grasp.  After training and returning to Kumogakure – Sora has entered into a dark stage of his life, and thus wishes to seek more power to demolish and destroy anything that stands in his way, even his own comrades.

Jutsu Name: Fuuka Houin: Fuuton

Intended Rank: B

Jutsu Description:
The user is able to seal and release Fuuton Elemental Jutsu with the use of a scroll!

Statistics: 500 Chakra Cost; Instant Cast; Battle Duration; Root Cast

The user is able to seal and release Fuuton Elemental Jutsu with the use of a scroll.  Absorption is activated upon opening a scroll at a targeted technique.

Absorption: Once opened, the scroll is able to absorb fuuton based techniques that do not exceed the users control (Caps at 70).  The fuuton based technique can remain in the scroll until released by the user’s chakra. (Can only absorb one fuuton technique at a time.) If Absorption is successful, Return can be used.

Return: The user is able to release the fuuton based technique back out of the scroll holding the same power, speed, and effects as when the technique was first launched and absorbed.  This technique can goes on cooldown for three turns after “Return” is used.(Note: Jutsus being returned loose 10 power and 5 speed.)

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PostSubject: Re: [Uzumaki, Sora] - [Fuuka Houin: Fuuton]   Mon Apr 03, 2017 4:59 pm

Power cap buffed to 70.
Root use.
Jutsus being returned lose 10 power and 5 speed.
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[Uzumaki, Sora] - [Fuuka Houin: Fuuton]
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