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 Laws of Kumogakure

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Laws of Kumogakure Empty
PostSubject: Laws of Kumogakure   Laws of Kumogakure EmptySun Apr 02, 2017 9:06 pm

Laws of Kumogakure

One: Let's start with the basics, no murder, theft or sexual harassment is allowed. Punished by varying degrees depending on the situation. Theft also includes scamming. Usually judgement is passed by a chuunin or jounin. Sparring can include maiming if agreed by those sparring and at least a chuunin, but no deadly force ever.

Two: Sexual relations may happen when someone reaches 16. Those of 16 and 17 may do such things, however, once you turn 18, you've gotta stick to other people who are also 18 or older. Violating this brings punishment as regulated by chuunin or jounin. ALSO: Only those of 16 years old may go to the casino to gamble and only those of 17 years may use alcohol.

Three: When there is a dispute between clans, the Raikage will hear the situation and pass judgement, for more individual cases and it gets serious, they must seek those who have the title D-B. Duels may also be called, but in those cases, permission must come from A.

Four: The dead are not to be disrespected at all, no matter who they are. Once someone is dead, all grudges against them must be let go and they must be seen with atleast a small amount of respect, though this does not mean you have to necessarily like them. Violating this brings punishment from the Raikage himself after a warning.

Five: The laws may be changed, added or removed by the Raikage, but not without consulting B-D and having them agree with it to balance out the power. Petitions to the Raikage must also at least be considered and read.

Six: Housing is free to those in the military, but those seeking such housing must not pick a place already taken or used by a business of some sort. Those who are a part of a clan are expected to stay in their clan home. Any land disputes are to be brought to B or A.

Seven: For those travelling, a jounin's permission is currently required and a chuunin must oversee those going, unless they are chuunin themselves.

Eight: Disrespect or treason is punishable by jounin and chuunin. And of course, no going rogue. Punishable by death or life in prison.

(That's all for now, I'll pretty this up and edit it in a some time, but I wanted people to have a basic idea at least for now.)
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Laws of Kumogakure
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