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 Hizumi-Instant Water

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PostSubject: Hizumi-Instant Water   Hizumi-Instant Water EmptyWed Apr 05, 2017 2:53 pm

BYOND Key: Shamy-Z
Character Name: Hizumi
Character Age: 13
Perk Name: Instant Water
Perk Description: This user has exceptional skills involving water manipulation. Their water has such great control that it can be used as a means of transportation by emitting chakra from their feet and infusing water nature into it.
Note: This character can use water to carry themselves across the ground, using 150 chakra per tile. When airborne, this perk can't be used. The max amount of tiles is 10. During the turn that this perk is active, the user may not perform physical attacks involving their feet.
Perk Notes: (15 PP cost. +3 control. +2 speed)
Why does your character deserve this perk?: After seeing Umeru and Makoto using their own methods to traverse the battlefield during the B-Rank mission, Hizumi began to wonder how she could make herself faster as well. The enemy was rather fast on their feet compared to her small and weak legs, so she'd look for a way to increase her speed with the use of water. The girls chakra is rather vast compared to most of her fellow ninja. This was the result of her time spent training.
Requirements: Water Specialist , Water Proficiency II
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PostSubject: Re: Hizumi-Instant Water   Hizumi-Instant Water EmptySat Apr 08, 2017 4:53 pm

Just make this a jutsu fam
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Hizumi-Instant Water
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