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 Raikuro Junichi - Forbidden Art: Eternal Prison of the Mountain Lords

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PostSubject: Raikuro Junichi - Forbidden Art: Eternal Prison of the Mountain Lords   Thu Apr 06, 2017 12:33 am

BYOND Key: Worbak
Character Name: Raikuro Junichi
Character Age: 36
Rank: S
Creation Points: 16 but 9 if accepted.
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Junichi wants to make a doton technique so devastating that the enemies learn to fear Kumogakure and its kage, whoever it might be. The 'Mountain Lords' in reference to kages of Kumogakure and those who have completely mastered doton. (This will certainly be Junichi's last S rank.)
Jutsu Name: Forbidden Art: Eternal Prison of the Mountain Lords (Mountain Lord Prison for short.)
Intended Rank: S
Jutsu Description: A very large dome of pure earth is formed in order to imprison anyone left inside. It leaves a permanent mark on the landscape and if caught inside, you are surely going to die a slow death.
Gameplay Description: 130 Power, 25000 chakra cost, 10 tile range and height originating from around the victim(s), Caster has to be within 3 tiles of the edge of what would be the techniques range or inside the range. Construct. The power of the technique is instead converted into its endurance, as the technique causes no immediate damage. Those inside have their turn to try and escape before it closes and those who make it past the final tile take 40 damage as they'd be squeezing through.
-Eternal: This jutsu stays as a permanent fixture upon the land, which means the dome will not crumble or be destroyed naturally. However, jutsu and attacks could break through if they manage to break the endurance. The dome is also self-repairing, which means if it isn't broken down in one strike or jutsu, it will not open. The floor is also hardened, so digging out is equally as difficult.
-Doton: This dome can be manipulated by doton after it is made from the outside freely, for those inside they must have doton jutsu power equal to half of the endurance of the dome.
Perk Requirements: Earth Proficiency V, Tectonic, Shape Training, 100 con. Elemental Training - Earth
Jutsu Icon: (Don't have one yet.)
Reference Material:

Note: This will probably be the only jutsu I ever make on Junichi, considering I'm already a kage.

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PostSubject: Re: Raikuro Junichi - Forbidden Art: Eternal Prison of the Mountain Lords   Sat Apr 08, 2017 4:47 pm

no scaling with control, you already have earth prof 5, chill.
130 power, 2500 chakra cost,
This jutsu is already scary as fuck.
Damm, i might regret this , but approved.
You gotta oneshot it to get through it, jeeesh.
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Raikuro Junichi - Forbidden Art: Eternal Prison of the Mountain Lords
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