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 Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift

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Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift Empty
PostSubject: Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift   Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift EmptyWed Apr 12, 2017 5:39 pm

BYOND Key: OttavioVaz
Character Name: Ottavio
Character Age: 13
Why does your character deserve this perk?:
My character, Ottavio, always kept grumbling and saying that he is weak because most people have a talent or inherit ability, he don't have any talent, this Kekkei Genkai would be his talent.
I dont have much that highlights my character in the middle of the other players, he is basically a generic user of Kenjutsu, with that Perk I intend to change this and follow a totally different way with my character.

Perk Name: Kekkei Genkai - Swift
Perk Icon:
Perk Description:
The character has the Swift bloodline limit, Swift Release is a kekkei genkai that can be used to move with instantaneous speed.
Perk Notes:
Natural Reflex -- This character can instantly complete their movement at the cost of 2 stamina.
Swift Nature -- This character can peform C Swift techniques without having an affinity for it, B rank if they do.
Swift -- This character can utilize Swift in technique creation.
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Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift   Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift EmptyThu Apr 13, 2017 2:54 am

No, not without a dr and swift is like super op man.
Also not in game, and im not terribly not good with balacing.
If you catch an L in a way I think is pretty cool, bring this up to me. Kay.
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Ottavio - Kekkei Genkai - Swift
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