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 Nataria Amara - Fishingrod proficiency

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Nataria Amara - Fishingrod proficiency Empty
PostSubject: Nataria Amara - Fishingrod proficiency   Nataria Amara - Fishingrod proficiency EmptyThu Apr 13, 2017 10:59 am

BYOND Key: Helldog217
Character Name: Nataria Amara
Character Age: 11
Perk Name: Fishing rod Proficiency
Perk Description: Honing their skills with the fishing rod this character has mastered its use as an extension of their body. they can use a fishing rod and its line as an extension of themselves and use it for the ancient art of the Chikigiri or mounted chain whip with the twist of a fishing rods versatility and reach.
Perk Notes: Fishing rod proficiency-- Fishing rods to this character count as a bo staff with benefits that it implies. -Bait and switch- This character for 5 stamina per turn can spin the reel  in an area around them with a lure to help misdirect melee attacks. If the damage exceeds the agility of the user it breaks the defence and deals the difference as damage to the users health. During bait and switch the user gains +5 Agility.
Why does your character deserve this perk?: Amara comes from the Nataria clan. A long dead clan but one that still holds heirs. Known as the fisherman the Nataria tribe where the night watchers of the waterways to Kumogakure for generations. All passing their technique to the next generation of the use and importance of the fishing rod or "Cloud fishing" as it was nicknamed. Amara being one of the last descendants of the Nataria household though with no ability to revive the dead clan took up her grandfathers fishing rod to continue the tradition. Training with it all her life. using it as a part of herself every day and night. Eating because of it, sleeping using it and even dressing herself and fighting with it.
Requirements: None ( Possibly staff/polearm proficiency)
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Nataria Amara - Fishingrod proficiency
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