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 Yuki, Kuchiki - Shuriken Proficiency

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Yuki, Kuchiki - Shuriken Proficiency Empty
PostSubject: Yuki, Kuchiki - Shuriken Proficiency   Yuki, Kuchiki - Shuriken Proficiency EmptyFri Apr 14, 2017 7:24 pm

BYOND Key: ZangetsuKurosaki
Character Name: Yuki, Kuchiki
Character Age: 15
Perk Name: Shuriken Proficiency
Perk Description: This character has gain a mastery in using shuriken, using the peculiar weapon with a renowned level of skill.
Perk Notes: Shuriken Proficiency - Reduces the cost of Shuriken type weapons by -1 stamina. By devoting 3 Stamina per throw the user can perform Rotation. Rotation - The user's shuriken travel at +10 speed, gaining +1 Weapon damage for every 20 speed. Rotation only applies to total weapon damage. Unless it's a giant shuriken or windmill, which will a gain separate boost to their weapon damage individually. Windmill mastery - User can throw a windmill with one hand, they still can't use the other hand to throw a second windmill, but enable them a free hand spare.
+8 Agility. +2 Stamina. +2 Speed
Why does your character deserve this perk?: Kuchiki has been using Shuriken for quite some time, he's grown accustomed to using them. Looking constantly for methods to improve their functionality.
Requirements: 20pp cost.
Perk Icon: Shadow Shuriken Proficiency Icon.
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Yuki, Kuchiki - Shuriken Proficiency
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