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 Kekkai genkais & Special Stuff ( I wanna be Snowflake!)

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Kekkai genkais & Special Stuff  ( I wanna be Snowflake!) Empty
PostSubject: Kekkai genkais & Special Stuff ( I wanna be Snowflake!)   Kekkai genkais & Special Stuff  ( I wanna be Snowflake!) EmptySat Apr 15, 2017 8:30 pm

Not for Everyone

Okay so you want something like explosion release or ink artist? You don't know how to get it??? Kekkai genkai and other things like clay artist etc-(summons*Misc stuff*) only unlocked for people who have diedJust gm-help and ask if you are able to apply for it if it's something simple like a locked clan ( i.e: Kamizuru).

That is called a death reward because you get more options. Now not every DR (death reward) will be given these wonderful options because we also take into consideration on what you did with your character. Such as --Did you create rp for everyone? Your influence etc..

*Suicide is not tolerated or allowed to gain a DR. Building up your character just for the sake of gaining a big reward for your DR is frowned upon. ( We are watching)-  So please have fun with your first character----make a life--do rp and don't sit around waiting for an admin to hand you an event to get up and be active. This is your world~ grab a buddy and make it come to life.*
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Kekkai genkais & Special Stuff ( I wanna be Snowflake!)
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