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 The Story Thus Far

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PostSubject: The Story Thus Far   The  Story  Thus Far EmptySat Apr 15, 2017 11:33 pm

What happened??

As the story progressed and events/Missions intertwined together. Kirigakure and Kumogakure met up with a single enemy in the end with multiple still working in the background. Kirigakure ended up getting destroyed and there was numerous deaths on their side while Kumogakure got to the scene in attempts to aid them , but it was too late. So now Kirigakure nins and Kumogakure shinobi are merged in the village hidden in the clouds.

THEN THE YEARS PASSED (5 years later)

As time went on, Kirigakure slowly got more members as people produced and newer generations were born as was the same for Kumogakure. Mysteries , disappearances, deaths, and new obstacles/ opponents were introduced , but the past still came back to haunt them.

*You can still make as part of Kiri so just gm-help, but spawning will be in Kumo. Don't forget to ask for Kiri headband!*
( I am not very good with getting into detail , but this is to help newer players get a gist of things)
*Refer to the surprise TS in the announce section for a more detailed story*
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The Story Thus Far
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