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 Memori, Okibo -- One armed specialist

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Memori, Okibo -- One armed specialist Empty
PostSubject: Memori, Okibo -- One armed specialist   Memori, Okibo -- One armed specialist EmptyTue Apr 18, 2017 5:02 am

BYOND Key: Xero07
Character Name: Memori, Kibo
Character Age: 20
Perk Name: One armed combatant
Perk Description: This Character has lost one arm their arms through whatever means and have been training the one he has to the extreme, causing it to move faster, hit harder and can generally conserve more energy.
Perk Notes: One armed specialist -- All unarmed techniques have their stamina reduced by 1 and costs of armguards are decreases to 0

Fleeeeex!!! -- This character's physical attacks do 10 damage more then usual and this combatant gains +1 Max attack per turn

Why does your character deserve this perk?: Has recently lost an arm, thus lowering his overall damage output and his capability which he soon relised after sparring one of his students. As a result, Kibo plans to put his heart and soul into the arm he has remaining considering he's a boxer and a taijutsu user, he has to rely on his fists above all else or he won't get anywhere.
Requirements: One arm.........It's very expensive
Perk Icon: Needs to be 32x32.[/b][/b]

(I want the perk to give mainly agil and str and mabe some stam)
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Memori, Okibo -- One armed specialist
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