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 Karasu, Imari- Sexy no jutsu

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PostSubject: Karasu, Imari- Sexy no jutsu   Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:35 pm

BYOND Key: SsjBlue13
Character Name: Karasu, Imari
Character Age: 17
Rank: C-
Creation Points: 4 cp
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: During her pregnancy, Imari felt really bored, and wanted to make a funny jutsu, but usefull too.
Jutsu Name: Oiroke no Jutsu
Intended Rank: C
Jutsu Description: The user focuses on their chakra and creates multiple clones/illusions of a Nude Male or Female. They aren't fully nude though, they have smoke around their private parts.

Males can't resist naked females!: The user of this jutsu creates females to stun a male.
Females can't resist naked males!: The user of this jutsu creates males to stun a female.
Gameplay Description: Chakra cost: 150, instant cast, Stuns the target(s)
Perk Requirements: None.
Jutsu Icon: This needs to be 32x32.
Reference Material: Naruto Anime

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PostSubject: Re: Karasu, Imari- Sexy no jutsu   Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:40 pm

Approved. The jutsu doesn't work in combat unless used against a stupidly over-tuned EC.

Good luck.
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Karasu, Imari- Sexy no jutsu
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