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 Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist

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Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist Empty
PostSubject: Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist   Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist EmptyWed Apr 19, 2017 3:45 am

b]BYOND Key:[/b] Xero07
Character Name: Memori, Kibo
Character Age: 20
Perk Name: Tailed specialist
Perk Description: This character has gone the extra mile when it comes to utilising their extra limbs thus, increasing their capabilities with it.
Perk Notes: Tail specialist -- Tail based techniques stamina costs is reduced by 1 and

Flexible tail -- this character is able to use their tail instead of their arms or legs for taijutsu techniques and grapples with the effect of gaining +10 strength for that action

Why does your character deserve this perk?: Has recently lost an arm, thus lowering his overall damage output and his capability which he soon relised after sparring one of his students. As a result, Kibo plans to put his heart and soul into what he has left over and after relising the technique he has been trying to master for the last year would no longer work then he had to try and find a way around it.
Requirements: A tail
Perk Icon: Needs to be 32x32.[/b][/b]

(whatever boosts seems suitable besides speed and con plz and 8pp costs plz)

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Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist Empty
PostSubject: Re: Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist   Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist EmptySat Apr 22, 2017 8:21 pm

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Memori, Okibo -- Tail specialist
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