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 Second War with Iwagakure

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Second War with Iwagakure Empty
PostSubject: Second War with Iwagakure   Second War with Iwagakure EmptyThu Apr 20, 2017 1:42 am

During this saga, Death Rewards are increased to 40% and incentive.

Iwagakure will recieve 1 character per character within Kumo/Kiri.

These characters will have the same pp as each char within Kumo and Kiri, therefore making several alts may lead to dangerous consequences.

The barrier is broken, allowing Iwa nin to attack whenever they damn well please.

When an assault is being held, the number of attacking shinobi is equal to the # of defending shinobi unless the admins rolls 2 1 or 2 6's which means one less attacking and one more attack respectively. These Iwa nin will be made to have the same pp as their counterpart Kumo/Kiri nin.
I.E: They get rewarded everyday too.

They do not recieve DR's so when the main leader of Iwagakure are dead, and most of their mid tier shinobi are dead, the war is considered over.

At any point, if an combat/EC admin is online, a group of shinobi can ask to assault Iwagakure, and will face similar rules to defending an attack.

Death is going to be common throughout the saga, L's will be taken, L's will be given.

Ec's will act like real players, bend rules that they can bend, go for bodies if they have murderer, or demon aura, and all that jazz.
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Second War with Iwagakure
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