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 Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay

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Should we wipe?
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PostSubject: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyThu Apr 20, 2017 8:37 pm

So in order to make agility less of a god tier stat and to make ninjutsu relevant again, you need speed to dodge all projectiles, not just agility for small projectiles. No longer will it work like a switch from whether or not you dodge, but rather works like close range combat, where you have a sliding scale, and even a verb to roll.

Please post here what trees need to be looked at, what perks need to be adjusted, whats too op and what needs a buff since I am redoing all trees and combat rules this weekend.

**Finally, what say the player-base on if we should wipe after new verbs and rules are implemented?**
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyThu Apr 20, 2017 8:44 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyThu Apr 20, 2017 9:02 pm

Don't think that there is a need to wipe, we mostly have "new" players and only a few of first gen characters.
I also think that dodging proejctiles (And even melee attacks, to be honest) being agility and speed is fair and coherent (Cuzz Agility is like, your reaction speed, what your eyes can keep up with... And speed should be how fast your body can move, not only "how fast you run"), but it should also be taken into consideration the distance that the jutsu is being cast from the target.

EX: If I cast a jutsu that goes on a straight line at 70 speed, someone standing right in front of me would have have a harder time dodging it than someone being at the max range of the jutsu.

I also think that this should be made in a careful way, because it technically will make so that if you want to build agility you will also need to build speed, otherwise you won't be able to dodge jutsus.

I dunno much about what all the specs give, I think that Fuuton and Raiton should remain strong with this change (As they're spec that give you a bunch of Agility and Speed), but Doton, Katon and Suiton will probably have it harder.

Also think that should Taijutsu perks should be looked upon, cuzz at least for me they give way more agility than speed (Like double), and they're also giving little stamina compared to other specs (At least the tree path that I went for gives really shitty stamina).

Maybe you should also reduce the amount of stamina needed for each dodge, seeing as people will need more stats to dodge, they will have less points to put down in Stmaina.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyThu Apr 20, 2017 9:49 pm

This is going to rape all the slow characters. And makes Weapon spec much more powerful than it already was. Thank you by the way.
-Weapon Spec
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 12:34 am

^ Dat is what I was trying to say.
Many specs have low speed, and this make it impossible for them to dodge even simple jutsus.
I dunno how I feel about the change about speed also being used to dodge stuff... It has logic behind it, but this is a game, being balanced > having logic.

I think that there are bigger issues than the dodge math... For example:

I think that Clay Explosion jutsus power should only be used to increase the size of the explosion, and the technique should only deal the damage that ignores endurance. That way you could remove the 1 turn root and the clan would be less slow and more fun to play.

Gates don't offer any kind of drawback while they're active in a fight... Dunno, they should decrease either stamina or health (probably health) while they're active.

Genjutsu, if you don't have Nightmare Master, feels like something with high highs and low lows... If someone has more Control than you your genjutsus has almost no use againt him. And if you're up against any non-control spec they hardly have any chance of counterplaying you.
As a example... The way I see it, Sasuke had more control than Itachi, and Itachi could easily rape Sasuke.
Guy on the Chuunin Exam was able to use Kai to dispeal Kabuto genjutsu, and we all know who has more control. rofl

Hozuki, as a whole is too strong. The clan has no drawback the way I see it. You're up against someone who has Raiton? Go Oil. You're up against someone who has Katon? Stay water. They can avoid both taijutsu and Ninjutsu, ande once they're out of stacks, they only take 4 or 6 damage for it. Not to mention that they can increase the speed of their techniques by almost 40 and use them as a mean of travel.
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PostSubject: Get rekt.    Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 12:51 am

Hello. Keeper here to flood this topic with his opinions. Good day and get rekt.

Well control is already a god stat.  And this doesn't really help the people who have god agility and speed, which most people with god agility have.

Wiping now seems like a bad idea. We have lots of new people, and I think the problem characters are few in number.

The sad fact of the matter is basically everything will require some change.

Taijutsu specialists gain almost no agility and speed in general. Low stamina too. Shouldn't they be the speedsters?
Instead weaponists and even genjutsu medics are much faster.

And if you're gonna make all jutsu able to land like that, there's really no point to ever use Aoe Jutsu. Including shurikens. I really doubt 3,4,5 tile wide jutsu are gonna be hard to move out of the way of if all jutsu require speed to dodge.

And with Control so high, chakra costs across the board need a large boost. And so do upkeep costs, which are like noooothing. evne for op jutsu.

So to sum up:
Jutsu and upkeep costs need a large boost if con is going to remain this high.
AOE techniques will kind've suck now.
The people with high agility already have high speed.
Taijutsu specialist perks need more boosts.
Conversely weapon user perks might need some nerfs.
I think for balance sake, will perks should have nerfed stats, mostly used to gain flavor abilities, not stats. ALlows for less powergaming.
I think cores should boost stats the most outside of ultimates, and you should be limited to the amount of cores you can have.
This will allow ninja to be specialized more, without powergaming making them absoltuely op. And then ECs can have multiple cores to remain strong but not have to worry about like 3 people being broken.
This would also make building more fair. As you'd know what you want, so you'd buy those cores and ultimates. and not end up 70 stats lower than another guy with your same PP in the stats you were trying to whore for no good reason.

Better weapon rules. Some places it looks like its reduced by endurance, other times its not. I figure projectile weapons should gain some damage boost based on throw speed. And swords and other weapons should get boosts too. But also reduced by endurance. But only at half the rate, to make up for their lack of attacks per turn.

For example throwing weapons should probably deal true damage, since their damage is so low. Unless you give ways to boost its power. Such as strenght and throwing speed and extra tiles.

Tailed chakra will also need to be looked at, if you'll need agility AND speed to dodge, since its control - 10 speed.

Manipulator might need to be looked at too, if you need speed and agility for normal attacks to dodge. Otherwise it might still be okay, despite con being hella buffed.

Also no wipe please. Again.

And yes I Do think agility is a problem, but i'm not sure that speed is the way to go about fixing it.
(Also my whole thing about making cores best and ultiamtes, that means lower the amount from all non ultiamte / core perks. Especially weapon perks which seem to make you ungodly op in agility and speed.)

Lock On Jammer: Needs to specify if it takes your action or movement or both. And is countered by things that still allow you to target, like sixth sense and adrenal focus.
Mach Speed: One of the cheaper cores since it only has two levels. And also one I see constantly spammed. If you use my idea of only maybe 2 total core directions, (Might require your natural to be one of them, or for you to be able to rerol your natural to make the char you want) this might be fine to have. But if you don't, and everyone can have any amount of cores, make speed require a bit more to get. Like a speed level in between base and final. So everyone and their mom doesn't have and use it.

Monstrous Body: Monstrous guard lowers damage to one half. For your whole turn. and stamina. Block already does this?!  So change it to: Double endurance and -25 weapon damage. Or, perhaps their blocks innately reduce damage to 1/3rd normal. and can also block weapons with their body, taking half damage only.

Resiliance: Remove it. Why does it even need to exist? All it is is free op vitality and endurance and stuff. If its too strong for the general public, why even make it a core.

Monstrous stamina kinda sucks. Noone gets it. Regardless  of if you do my core idea or not, it needs a buff. I say give the perk some extra vitality, and make the perk also passively halve stamina costs for all actions, to a minimum of 2. (If it wasn't already lower.)  This would allow people to spam some really high end techniques, much like taijutsu specialists with their path of raksha. But since stamina is likely so high that doesn't matter, you could conversely add something like. Dodges cost 0 stamina. or ten stamina, you can move twice this turn, or something like. 15 stamina, +30 speed and agility this turn. with a small cooldown.

Adrenal Focus 1,2,3 seem alright. Though 3 is less efficient in terms of total stats than 1 and 2. Which sorta defeats teh purpose of an "eminent" In my eyes. I"d buff 3's total stats signifigantly, so that you're not fodder without using focus. And it just  makes you extremely strong WITH focus. which means to beat it, you need teamwork.

Eagle Vision seems fine. Good as a supplementary that will let you never lose track of your foe.
Sensory path like sixth sense is fine too. Though maybe nerf sixth sense slightly if its op, even if its hard to obtain. The boon of that should be that you can sense chakra. not that you can sense chakra and are also op.

All Chakra Cores should likely be buffed somewhat. Since con is now so high that chakra is fairly negligable. +800 or 1000 chakra is really meaningless.
Tailed Chakra's attack should be nerfed in speed if it requires agiilty AND speed to dodge. to be half control like a manipulator's attacks. Otherwise should be fine. Only does 30 damage and costs a lot of chakra.

Buff the hearing tree to have 3 different perks like most other trees. ANd also give the final hearing level the ability to passively be able to use their hearing to fight. Allowing them to basically function like a blind fighter.

Buff the final smell perk, Bloodhound's nose, to also allow them to track people they can't see for a moment. If they're bleeding, ect. Or people who are invisible or otherwise unseeable. Passive difficulty to flee doesn't really seem to ever matter.

Strength might be fine. Seems usable. If supplementary. But with only two perks to buy, perhaps its fine as-is.

All perks that raise jutsu damage, such as amplifier, and elemental masteries need a rework. If con is this high, chakra is ridiculously high, so chakra costs for boosted damage should be raised as well. Additionally if projectiles that aren't aoe need speed AND agility to dodge. then its DOUBLY powerful, as you'd for a low cost boost damage that can't be easily evaded.

Perhaps raise unarmed damage's base to 10, and all other things as a result? Because Unarmed damage WITHOUT boxer or kickboxer is generally terrible. and as a result EVERYONE Buys those two perks. or one of them anyway. Which I feel shouldn't be the case. It should be about flavor. So perhaps buff unarmed to base 10 damage. And kickboxer/boxer adds 3 base power to those types of attacks. (Keep in mind this is also under the impression stats will be generally balanced after this, so that Taijutsu specialists aren't shafted and therefore need all the extra damage they can get.) [Also this will mean styles or things that buff unarmed damage will need to be increased as a result, too.]

Fan Proficiency: As long as it stays locked and costs a bit more pp should be fine. Because its at 60 speed. BUt unless you're able to dodge that 60 speed. control vs endureance damage is pretty strong when con is so high.

Gourd Combatant: Lower speed boost to +5 if you make agility AND speed necesarry to dodge it.

Magic Box: Either remove this perk entirely, or raise its cost and clean up its text. Because it sounds like its letting you do an extra kawarimi dodge for free, for only 6 progress points. Suprised noone is abusing this.  (Kudos on cleaning up substitution by the way)

Needles of Death: Since so many cheap things ignore stuns or reduce CC by 1 turn. Make needles of death's stun unable to be reduced or negated.  Its 25 PP, when all the anti stun stuff only costs 6-20.

Chi Blocker: Reduce cost to 20. Give cooldown to being able to afflict stacks of Chi blocked. So they can only do it once every other turn.

Will Perks changes:
I think all will perks should cost 15 points base, and be releatively similar to each other. Low stats unless otherwise specified, and more about flavor affects. (Some perks might require others to get, and might have increased or reduced costs as a result:)

Anger: Changed to, anytime this person takes damage in excess of 20, gains one stack of "Hatred" People with a stack of hatred received -20 agility against the person who gave him the stack. Upon successfully applying damage to somebody with one or more stacks of hatred, remove all stacks of hatred.
Anytime this character misses an attack, gain a stack of "angry". Angry gives +2 to physical stats. All stacks of angry dissapear if the user did not obtain one in three turns.

Berserk seems fine as is.

Big eater should be moved, as is, to misc section.

BFSW Veteren. Same effect, but add: "The speed of the thrown weapon is equal to fourty, Plus five for every ten strength the user has. "

Blackened will of fire: Boost Hate's Gaze to +3 damage ignoring endurance per attack. And specify that only one stack can be given per battle, and only to one person.

Bloodlust: Change it to a max of two stacks per turn. And +3 to physical stats per stack.  +1 CC duration is nerf enough, don't need -3 endurance per stack as well.

Cleaver: Requirements: Bloodlust. Cost: 20 P.P. Change to: All users within sight range of the act are stunned for a turn. And the user gains one stack of "We're Just getting started" For each stack of "We're just getting started" The user gains +20 strength, +20 endurance, and +2 damage that ignores endurance per strike.  Both the stun and the stack gain have a cooldown of three turns.

Murderer: Requires Cleaver, costs 30 P.P. Is a very evil ultimate and should give stats as such.
Buff boosts of homicidal to 20.  Buff tile movement reduction to -20 for one turn.  (Basically frozen in shock at the act of murder, unable to move. )

Brute: Passively ignores 3 damage that ignores end. and reduces all damage received by 3. In addition to all other affects.

Chicken: Remove requirements: Void Blade Proficiency. Give this perk a fairly decent boost to speed, despite most will perks supposed to  be giving low stats in general if I have my way.

Courier: Requires Chicken. 20 Points. Changed to: This character's base tile movement is boosted by 3. Additionally if running away with chicken, can still dodge.  
Gains +10 tile movement if moving towards an ally.
(Now just get this on a medic, or a memori with -20 speed and guardian!)

Killer Instinct added to Will perks. Add the clause that both affects only apply to fights where you intend to kill the victim, or can otherwise utilize killing intent.

Demon Aura: Requires: Killer Instinct. Change the Deals excess of 30 damage effect to: Gain 20 strength and endurance.  All other effects remain the same.
Change cost to 20, OR remain locked for ECs.

Light Bringer: Buff to, allows user to use light and holy techniques, as well as the rest of the effects listed.

Divine Healing: Requirements Light Bringer: Same as before.  Cost: 20 P.P.

Familiar Tamer: Same as is. Perhaps add a way to gain it as a summon or familiar after making it Docile.

Dual Pact: Requires Familiar Tamer. Same as before.

Flexibility: Change to: Each time they block or dodge a strike gain one stack of Liquid. And change Liquid to only losing one per turn.

Rebound: Requires Flexibility. Costs 20 P.P.
Changed to: This character gains 1 stack of opportunity each time they dodge a strike. They can expend 3 total stacks of opportunity OR flexibility to take a bonus, non prepared physical action before  their target's turn officially begins.  Each time this character performs an attack, they lose one stack of opportunity. The bonus attack can only be used once every three turns.

Martyr: Changed to: May dive in front of an ally to take an attack for them, even if they've already moved this turn. The user is treated to have zero endurance for this attack. Does not work on Area of Effect Attacks.  
Once every three turns, they can allow an enemy to hit them, ignoring endurance, and initiate an instant counterattack that costs no action and is unable to be dodged. But may still be blocked if hte enemy hasn't moved this turn. The counter technique can not require preperation, and cannot have preparation skipped to bypass this rule.  Also unlock the perk.

Guardian: Requires: Martyr.  Change to not require void blade proficiency, or be locked.  Add that they can defend an ally from an explosion or otherwise undodgable attack by throwing their body over the victim, taking damage that ignores the endurance of the guardian, but protecting their ally from all harm.  Costs 20 PP

Remove Hydration Mastery. I asked around, people thought hozukis were op. And I assume this will perk is the biggest reason why. It doesn't seem necesarry, but DOES seem op. Chakra for hydration stacks AND passive hydration gain.

Hopeless Visionary: Requires Illusionist: Cap the extended range of genjutsu, and buff the costs of all effects.

Illusionist: Requires HOpeless visionary. Costs 20 P.P. Changed to: Once every five turns, The user may hide himself from the perceptions of ANYONE caught in his genjutsu for two turns.

Jinchuriki Pact: Buff the chakra gain from jinchuriki pact to 1000 or even 1500 per tail. Chakra's pretty massive now, and +100 or 200 per tail is pretty weak.

Lycanthropic: Costs 15. Requires a summon. Don't make the buffs op please. Make them more like features and boosted senses rather than just stats. I am hoping for stats to be lower in general. Less one shots. Also give them a weakness if possible. Like dogs = weakness to farts like kiba. Razz

Magician, seems fine.  Maybe buff the stamina drain a bit. Since that fake fireball jutsu takes 8 per turn.

Marskman: Changed to: Careful aim is +15 speed per stack. And two to use the special attack. And instead of -6 tile movement, its a stun. If htey resist the stun, then its -6 tile movement for one turn.

Mastery: Buff chakra cost to 300 or 500.

medic changed to: +5 to all healing effects. Retains the tile movement towards an injured ally. But also gains damage less than 50 doesn't interrupt healing actions.

Regenerative Cells: Requires Medic, costs 20 P.P. Effect changed to: This character receives one stack of Cultivated each turn. Durring battle they can root themselves to use any number of cultivated stacks, up to five, and restore 5 hp per stack used. This also takes your turn's action.
Plan B! Upon falling to 0 health, expend all cultivated stacks, and gain 1 hp per stack used. This healing is not affected by any extra damage over your health taken by the attack that made you fall to zero. And occurs before chakra and stamina are drained.  

Mist fighter seems perfectly balanced to me.

Serene State: Change to, chakra moulding refills 5% of the user's chakra. And, reduces crowd control durations by 1 in combat.  

Move Shadow master to specializations with nara stuff.

Move solid feet to skills.

Remove Sturdy Fighter. Pretty lame skill. Unless you want to make it a boost to Brute.

Survivalist: Changed to, gains +3 damage on all attacks and +2 tile movement if at least 15 tiles outside a village, and with one or less ally in the battle. In addition to the steal every second ability.

Tag Specialist is a cool ability that I think is fine as is.

Move The Keg to misc.

Toe Fighter: Changed to, this character can deal one extra unarmed attack per turn. Each time they land an unarmed strike on their opponent, they gain one stack of "Slippery." They can use 4 stacks of slippery durring an opponents turn to move three tiles. If they end their movement next to an enemy durring this movement, they  may launch one free unarmed strike that does half damage after endurance calculations.  If this character takes damage while he has stacks of slippery, he may choose to get rid of 3 stacks of slippery, or if he cannot, is stunned for 1 turn. This stun is unable to be prevented or reduced in duration in any way.  (This will perk can also give +10 agilty. which should be a lot, if you make it so will perks give very little stats.)

Remove Hatred. Very similar to other will perks already in place.

Underdog: Remains as is.

Iron Will: Requires Underdog, costs 20. Remains as is, too. May also give some vitality.

Conviction: Requires Iron WIll. Cost 30. The user does not get incapacitated at 0 hp. If they so choose, they can continue to fight until their health reaches -10. Each action they take reduces hp by 1.  Their stamina is considered to have a bonus stamina bar of 15 durring this time. Upon reaching -10 hp, their hp drops to 0 as per normal, allowing other perks that apply at this time to function.

Will Breaker: Remains unchanged. cost included.

Zealot be removed plz.

Free Runner also sucks and should be removed.

Soldier changed to, +3 physical stats for each enemy in the battle, capping at +15 physical stats.

Nothing to live for changed to: -2 Vitality. -20 stamina. +10  str, agility, speed, control, endurance.
Ability changed to: The user may pay ten stamina, and his ability to block or dodge this turn, in order to empower a physical technique with the power of one who does not fear death.  Giving it +20 agility and +20 damage durring calculations. If this attack is blocked, the enemy is stunned for a turn.

Dreadful presence unchanged.

Inviting Presence changed to also give +2 to physical stats to allies affected.  (And specify that affects don't apply to themselves. )

Poker Face moved to Skills.

Vengeance gets buffed to +20 and -10 each.

Reckless is fine as is .

Single Handed Seals moved to skills along with my dual caster idea.

Manipulator moved to specializations, and changed to: Either locked or 30 cost. 100 cost? Seems like way too much. Damage = twenty +3/-3 control vs endurance. (Because as it currently is, could likely one shot. ) Speed remains half control unless it requirs speed AND agility to dodge. of which case speed could be 60, +4 for every 10 control. like weaponists basically. Other effects remain the same.

Other will perks sound like flavor perks and can remain as is.


Specialization changes:

Due to the con buffs as well, unless you take my idea to heart, of only cores really buffing stats terribly, and ultimates, we will likely have to buff Fuuinjutsu.
As it stands nearly everyone with genjutsu, medical, or ninjutsu specialization can easilly break even A ranked uzumaki fuuinjutsu. I think certain seal techniques like five pronged seal should act like debuffs that aren't negatable with control. But rather just remain on them. As a result those fuuin techniques should also be nerfed a bit.  However if you do follow my idea, Con and stats in general will likely be much lower, so it won't be a huge deal.

Weaponist perks should be fine, still powerful, but not overly so unless you continue making all projectiles require speed to dodge. Of which case, their overall speeds must also be lowered as a result. However in a world with much lower stats like I am proposing, the projectile speed should be fast. But probably dodgable. At least at higher levels of play. Since the weaponists wouldnt' be speed kings themselves. 70 agility weaponist = +28 speed to projectiles innately. However it might need to be nerfed to +3 weapon speed per 10 agility. And also might need to nerf passive tile range improvements on weapons.

Projectile weapon damage should be boosted based on throwing strength, and throwing speed. against endurance. So say kunai are base 5 damage. Let's say +1 for every 10 strength of the thrower. And +3 for every 10 bonus speed. and +3 for every bonus tile. Stacking with eeach other. so a 80 speed shuriken with +4 tiles would do +24 damage along with the 5 damage base. +3 for 30 strength, = 27 damage shuriken. Reduced by 2 for every 10 endurance the foe has.

Senbon however should gain NO boost from strength. only +1 damage per 10 bonus speed, and +1 per bonus tile. But deal true damage.

Now onto GENJUTSU:
Problems: Either way too op or useless as fuck. Because if they have more control than double your jutsu's power, they'll just instantly bite their lip, do one damage, and get out of the genjutsu. OR they can kai it out, which takes a full turn, leaving the genjutsu user able to continually move towards them and then attack when they're close enough. OR wait for their opponent's chakra to run out. To help remedy this problem, I suggest the following, to make genjutsu NOT broken or useless. And to maybe start shifting people away from being a pure genjutsu specilization. I figure its best as supplementary.
Genjutsu Kai when used, also prevents genjutsu from being used on you for two turns. But the cost is raised.  
The lowest amount of damage you can take to break a genjutsu is ten.
Additionally remove sound triggers. Sound triggers in the show and manga were ONLY used by people with flutes or bells. and should be reserved for those only as such.  So only people using flutes, or like that one instrument clan for sound triggers. Or bells. So lock sound proficiency unless for those people, who should in turn need some gimmick to do it. Such as no handseals for flute users, or decent weaponist passives for bell senbon users.
Complete revamping of Genjutsu tree: Get rid of Nightmare master. Inability to break genjutsu on your own is stupid.  Also get rid of the thing that doubles genjutsu power. That makes it really hard to balance genjutsu.

Instead i Propose the following:
Genjutsu Proficiency.  10 P.P.  Requires Genjutsu Prof.
Touch Proficiency: 10 P.P. Requires Genjutsu Prof.
ILlusion Proficiency. 10 P.P.  Requires Genjutsu Prof.
Trigger Proficiency.  10 P.P.  Requires Genjutsu Prof.
Resonator: 15 P.P.  Requires Trigger Proficiency. Genjutsu Proficiency.Changed to: May empower a genjutsu to have up to +20 power not exceeding the user's control for 5 chakra per bootsed power.
Astral Form: Requirements, Resonator.
Mind Flayer: 30 P.P. Requires Resonator.  Effect changed to: The user may choose to permenantly root themselves durring the application of a genjutsu technique. If they do so, should they ever move, the genjutsu is broken. But the genjutsu passively saps 5 extra stamina per turn. Additionally, the mind flayer is immune to the effects of genjtusu outside of stamina drain.
(Siren Removed. )
Tangible Illusion: Cost 30 P.P. Requirement: Gen proficiency. Touch proficiancy. Illusion proficiency. Trigger proficiency. Resonator.
Effects:  Effect is the same. large boost to con. Also allows user to break genjutsu on them by tricking themselves into thinking they are being attacked by tangible illusions, or break genjutsu on allies by doing the same.

Now the tree will be much simpler, and much more like most other trees. You can add sound proficiency and some other sound stuff to some flute section or something.

(I Think genjutsu should have a cumulative cost. each turn they're in genjutsu, the cost is deducted for each person under it. to help nerf  genjutsu opness. Even though people have massive chakra reserves, without also nerfing Kai by making the charka costs higher in general.)

Taijutsu specialist tree:
FIND YOUR CENTER!  - change stamina cost for ignoring a stun to 10.
Heart of Youth: Effect: +2 vitality.
Springtime of Youth: Effect: +3 vitality.
Relentless assault, Buff it to take into accoutn taijutsu perks.  its basically 3.3x basic unarmed damge instead of 5 attacks for 10 stamina and +20 agility for calculation. Evne if you allow all perks to stack with it. Doesn't really get op from taijutsu perks. Just like. Killer instinct perks.
heavy blow: change to apply to basic attacks so you can do more than one per turn. otherwise is useless.  Conversely, you can remove it entirely. haven't seen it used -once.- Period.

Ninjutsu perks: Change chakra costs to be higher all around. We have way too much chakra.
Earth Perks: Lower vitality given.

Lightning No Yoroi: Nerf this shit. Much higher costs. 25% control to strength. Negates ninjutsu while its active. Lower Agility / speed boosts. Give it a bit more end boost. As it stands its easilly A or S ranked in power, at only B rank.

Memori: Make them able to fly freely, not just in straight lines. Make them able to use their horn charge thing without a root if they get their ultimate. Or are flying.

Yamanaka: Look into to make their con scaling stuff less op.

Hozuki: Keep getting told they're op. Make them get turned into Jell-o if hit by lightning, and get like, super stunned and stuff. Suigetsu got hit by one lightning jutsu, and he was putty.

Make the Sarutobi and Uzumaki and Hatake clan perks cost like 20 points instead of ten. because their stat boosts to vitality are pretty high, and they also get nice passives and clan techs. Which effectively makes them really cheap and op perks.

Changes to non projectile weapons:
Have the damage also lowered by endurance. but at a lower amount than unarmed. For example. A katana could be: 20 damage. +2/-1 for every ten strength above endurance or vice versa. So if your opponent's endurance is higher than your strength, the damage is reduced less than an unarmed strike. But still reduced. Weapons should make it harder to block without weapons. Not deal effectively  true damage.  That leads to situations such as earlier on when a hiramikai user did 172 damage per swing. That's balanced.

Shibuki proficiency: Give cooldown to the scroll stretch.
Samhada proficiency: Give cooldown to eating jutsu.
Kabutowari proficiency: Give both abilities a cooldown.
Kubikiribiko proficiency: Ignore the endurance negation on the 3 tiled hit.
Nuibari proficiency: Give the user a technique that requires 2 stacks of thread, and can bind them for one turn. Inflicting a sort of paralasys that isn't negatable by perks.
All seven swordsman proficiencies should have a letter grade requirement of B or higher, and also cost 30 P.P. instead of 20.

REMOVE TRANSITIONIST. REMOVE DUAL CASTER. Add two new perks,each being an "Ultimate"

Dual Caster: Can spend one turn preparing to use a combination of two techniques that require handseals in a single turn. Both techniques must either have no preperation time, or have their preparation time removed in some way.  (cost: 30 P.P. Prerequisite: One handed Seals, which should cost 20 P.P.)   As an ultimate it should give good stats. BUt not as good stats as normal ninjutsu ultimates. Or maybe it should, since it makes ninjutsu specialists unable to make high ranked jutsu by not finishing their trees.

GUTS!!!!  prerequisite: Springtime of Youth. (Which in turn requires heart of youth, for 20 pp total in requiremetns) Cost: 30 P.P. By skipping one turn's action, on the following turn you may pay 10 stamina to launch two taijutsu attacks with no preparation time in a single turn.  (Also an ultimate, give it decent stats. But not as much as ultimates with far higher total required costs, like path of yaksha)

Both of these perks should not be locked. But rather, a sub-path that people can delve into to try and do some cool and fancy combos.

Also heard Hozuki were op. So remove Hydration mastery. Make all lightning incapacitate them. Suigetsu turned to jell-o when shocked.

If you cap cores like I suggested, unlock elemental affinity. so they'd have to use one of their two cores or so to get an extra element.  Otherwise keep it as is. Though it seems unused so far. Maybe if you do the core idea I had. It can also unlock an advanced element? one core for a KKG? Seems fair to me.

Move Studious and Chakra of the raven out of cores.

(Also could make vitality an actual pro of the perks. like youth. "VitalitY: This adds two vitality." Since vitality is another fairly god stat, making it easy to tell what has it will make it easier to ration it out so that people can't stack up absurd amounts of it. *cough 17 vit cough* )

Lightning No Yoroi: Nerf this shit. Much higher costs. 25% control to strength. Negates ninjutsu while its active. Lower Agility / speed boosts. Give it a bit more end boost. As it stands its easilly A or S ranked in power, at only B rank. Placing it here again so its less likely to be looked over.
If you wanna keep it as-is. Make it S ranked. Its already better than S ranked Magnet armor.

This has been Keeper's spiel.
Enjoy keyboard death.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 1:06 am

No more core whores!

I think it would be best if people can only keep getting cores from what they roll as natural and maybe like Keeper suggested..a second core path, but that's it.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 1:19 am

@PewPew42 that is what we were talking about ingame... Cores stronger, but you can only have one or two core paths.
Personally, I would go with one, as it gives your more freedom on what to put on each core.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 2:17 am

First, keeper, you need agility to dodge a weapon project not speed, second, weapon projectiles can be easily blocked by people who have endurance. That's just a step what I wanted to say to you and people complaining about core whores, getting a lot of cores will completely tank your characters, because over all you will have less stats and abilities from 60 pp worth of cores from lets say, 60 pp worth of spec perks. If you get anything more than 2 full core paths its a really bad idea.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 3:23 am

That's exactly why in my post I talked about throwing weapons getting boosted by strength and projectile speed, so exactly that doesn't happen. As well as constantly say "If you use agility and speed to dodge, then blank" Because that's what they're trying to do. Make speed work.

That's additionally why the idea of only cores and ultimate really boosting your stats would help that sort of stupidity a lot. No more being 75 points behind because some perks are just way better than others in stats for no good reason.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 3:14 pm

As or the speed idea, it should still only require speed to for dodoging things not moving in a straight line hats more than 1d classed as AOE other wise it still doesn't really balance out with ppl who go for different builds, like water spcs would get destroyed
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyMon Apr 24, 2017 8:56 pm

1x1 projectiles only require agility still.

Keepers ideas have too many problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay EmptyTue Apr 25, 2017 9:29 am

If we take the juiciest L from the event in a few days then mabe.
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PostSubject: Re: Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay   Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay Empty

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Balancing Issues And Improving Gameplay
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