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 Keizuna - Rising Lemur

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Keizuna -  Rising Lemur  Empty
PostSubject: Keizuna - Rising Lemur    Keizuna -  Rising Lemur  EmptyFri Apr 21, 2017 6:37 am

BYOND Key: Keeper of the Keys
Character Name: Keizuna
Character Age: 21
Rank: B
Creation Points: 16
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Keizuna has always been a user of C ranked and lower techniques, outside of supplementary jutsu such as clones. He knows the power of fundamentals, and as a figure in the village that has taught so many people, he's aiming to create a vast assortment of new supplementary techniques to teach their forces, to ready for the oncoming battle with Iwagakure. This particular technique was designed to be used in conjunction with the falling possum technique. Allowing the defensive technique to allow the genin to get away from potentially deadly iwagakure shinobi.  
Jutsu Name: Rising Lemur
Intended Rank: D
Jutsu Description: A basic maneuver, where the user from a knocked down position uses their leg to trip their opponent, while also using the force of their opponent's body weight to propel themselves to their feet, allowing them to move away unhindered. A diversionary measure.

Gameplay Description: [D-Rank]
Description: See Above
Statistics: Immediate Action. Requires CQC.
1 Stamina cost. Requires the user to be knocked down, and for at least one enemy to be within 1 tile range of themselves who is standing.
Knocks the enemy down, and forces the user upright and on their feet.
Costs an action, but allows free movement as if they were no longer in close quarters combat.
This attack is unable to be dodged normally unless the enemy is already moving away, of which case they'd have to be able to dodge it.
The knocked down opponent is unable to launch an attack that turn, and moves at -3 tiles that turn to get back on their feet.
Perk Requirements: None.
Jutsu Icon:Can't post the little shitty pic because not allowed for 7 days.
Reference Material: no real reference material. Leemurs?
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Keizuna -  Rising Lemur  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Keizuna - Rising Lemur    Keizuna -  Rising Lemur  EmptySat Apr 22, 2017 6:36 pm

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Keizuna - Rising Lemur
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