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 Dr Platter System.

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Dr Platter System. Empty
PostSubject: Dr Platter System.   Dr Platter System. EmptySun Apr 23, 2017 1:19 am

So you took the L.
Shit happens.

Now when you die, you get your progressive points along with the current incentive as DR points, whatever is left over is considered your total starting points, but it cannot exceed 2/3rds of the pp you died with. Every time you lose a character with over 150 points and dr under 50 points, you get 40 lifetime DRP (meaning the next time and every time following that when you dr, you get an additional 40 drp, and this stacks.)

Purchasable DRs:

Change natural perk to same tier: 10 Drp

Upgrade perk to next tier: 20 drp (you can do this twice) (2 tier systems cost 40 drp to get the eminent)

Additional natural: 30 drp (This is randomly selected via admin creation but can be upgraded)

Free Willperk: 30 drp (max of 2

Specific Hyuuga :20 drp

Change element: 5 drp

Additional natural element: 10 drp (max of 3)

Getting a clan after getting one of these boosts will cost an additional 100 drp. (excluding dr only clans which are more expensive)

Implanted tomoe 1 sharingan: 50 drp

Black Lightning Tattoo: 50 DRP

Spider DNA : 50 DRP

Air tubes: 50 DRP

Advanced Elemental Kekkei genkais: 150 drp (200 drp for two) (250 for dust)

Implanted Byakugan: 150 drp

Starting Special weapon or SSOM blade: 150 drp

Implanted Tomoe 2 Sharingan: 150 drp

Summon contract: 200 drp

Bunraku/chinoike/fuuma/shodo/kamizuru/Yamanaka/Kurokami/Tsuchihana/Ongaku: 200 drp

Implanted Tomoe 3 sharingan: 225 drp

Jiongu Threads: 225 drp

Senju :250 drp

Uchiha: 250 drp

Jinchuuriki: (If slots are open) (0 slots open) 275 drp

Rinnegan: 400 drp

Ying-Yang: 600 drp
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Dr Platter System.
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