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 Yuki, Kuchiki - Hyouton: Chakra Flow

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Yuki, Kuchiki - Hyouton: Chakra Flow Empty
PostSubject: Yuki, Kuchiki - Hyouton: Chakra Flow   Yuki, Kuchiki - Hyouton: Chakra Flow EmptyWed Apr 26, 2017 1:46 pm

BYOND Key: ZangetsuKurosaki
Character Name: Yuki, Kuchiki
Character Age: 16
Rank: B
Creation Points: 14
(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Kuchiki has decided to make usage of both his prowess with weapons in conjunction with his kekkei genkai. Creating a form of chakra flow unique to the Yuki Clan.
Jutsu Name: Hyouton: Chakra Flow
Intended Rank: A
Jutsu Description: The user applies Hyouton chakra onto their weapon, encasing their weapon with a thin but visible layer of extremely cold frost, emanating off it. Applying a form of frost bite to whoever gets hit by such an attack.
Gameplay Description: +10 Weapon Damage [+10 Flat Damage], 350 Chakra Cost [Lasts 5 Turns] When met with a clash or direct contact, this applies a debuff of -5 agility that stacks.1 Turn Prep. Instant cast with shape training. This technique has a unique relation with Ice Constructs. Giving an additional +5 Weapon damage and +5 Flat Damage. For a halved chakra cost per weapon, and rendered instant cast.
Perk Requirements: Kekkei Genkai: Ice
Jutsu Icon: Regular Chakra Flow Icon
Reference Material: Good grief who knows.
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Yuki, Kuchiki - Hyouton: Chakra Flow
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