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 Breeding System Guide

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PostSubject: Breeding System Guide   Breeding System Guide EmptyMon Oct 24, 2016 12:02 am

Since time moves fairly quickly, and timeskips are coming in waves, there is going to be a generation system put into place.
Two chararcters can produce a child if the following requirements are met.
1.) Characters are both able to sexually produce a child.
2.) Both characters are 18 or over.
3.)Both characters are at-least a month old.
The baby will be born 9 months after the conception. (4-5 days)
This child can be playable, but it will have a pp limit of their age x 10 until age 8.
The child will inherit either a will perk or an eminent core from each parent. One will be inherited at age 8 and another at 12.
If one of the parents have a kkg, the chances of them inheriting it is 50 percent, and will be rolled.

* A high ranked Admin is needed to roll for you and for miscarriage.*
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Breeding System Guide
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