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 Incentive and DR System

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PostSubject: Incentive and DR System   Tue Mar 21, 2017 12:40 am

Genin Incentive
-50 PP at the start, Auto Genin Setup, Two C-Rank Jutsu

-2 alts per person, 3 chars max.

**PLEASE GM HELP FOR INCENTIVE. ( Note: Admins are not always online so send a gm every thirty minutes or so incase an admin logs in so she/he may see it and set you up)**

DR System ( Death Reward)
-DR is Incentive+30%, removing depending on what they want.
-kkg~(DR-able and village specific)
-No reward for suicide

* Drs do not stack and are case by case. It all depends on the points of your dead character and the influence he had in game such as reputation etc..*
-Putting yourself in danger during an event and trying too hard is not so good either . ( Especially if you are trying to die just to get a DR--counts as suicide--)

EXAMPLE: * If a Character dies in an event, their DR might get points added from that event depending on what the character did.*
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Incentive and DR System
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