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 Jutsu Creation Guidelines

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PostSubject: Jutsu Creation Guidelines   Jutsu Creation Guidelines EmptyTue Mar 21, 2017 10:08 am

Jutsu Creation Costs

*Everyone starts out with FOUR creation points. Every year that goes by will grant you TWO creation points even during Time skip. If you DR you will start with EIGHT.

E-ranks cost 0 creation points and can be made regardless of rank. (Do not spam the creation of E-ranks just for the sake of 'fun' jutsu)
D-ranks cost 1 creation point. Requires E Rank.
C-Ranks Cost 2 Creation Point. Requires D rank
B-Ranks Cost 4 Creation Points. Requires C Rank
A-Ranks Cost 6 Creation Points. Requires B Rank
S-Ranks Cost 7 Creation Points. Requires A Rank (S-ranks will be limited, so don't go in under the assumption that you should save for multiple S-ranks)

Perk Requirements

Creating and learning techniques will require the user to have specific perks that would match up with the jutsu. Although it's up to your discretion on what may or may not fit the jutsu, admins may bring in their own thoughts of what may be needed for such a technique to viably exist.

In order to create jutsu with shape, such as perfect spheres of water, fire dragons, and chakra arms, the creator of the technique must possess the Shape Training perk.

At LEAST -Element- Training is required for a D rank elemental jutsu
At LEAST -Element- Specialist are required for C rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency III are required for B rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency IV are required for A rank elemental jutsu.
At LEAST -Element- Proficiency V are required for S rank elemental jutsu.

Highest Jutsu Stats

This in particular is more guideline than rule, as jutsu can and will be faster/slower/stronger/weaker than others. These numbers represent the highest possible speed/power that most jutsu can reach for said rank. An exception can be made if enough sound reason is given.

D rank: 20 (But case by case)
C rank: 40
B rank: 60
A rank: 70-80
S rank: ???

Jutsu Scaling

Ninjutsu are capable of, but typically do not scale with control. For control scaling to be plausible for a technique, it typically requires for the technique to be, at minimum, an A rank. Techniques that scale with control tend to start of severely on the weak side, with the benefit of out-powering its similarly ranked techniques once the proper control for it has been reached. These are techniques that get stronger as the user does, and will typically be looked over with much more care.

Physical techniques will typically scale. Taijutsu techniques in particular have power that scales by strength. This is not limited by a minimum rank requirement, however the scaling for taijutsu techniques is typically +3/-3 for every 10 strength over the endurance of the enemy. Weapon-based techniques on the other hand usually add to the overall damage/speed of the attack depending on the rank of the technique. However, they rarely add on to both, and if they do are more likely than not lower in power and speed than their similarly ranked sword techniques.

Crowd Control and effects

Silence -- This character can not cast.
Bleed -- This character loses 2 health per turn.
Seep -- This character loses 30 chakra per turn.
Root/Suppressed -- This character can not move.
Uproot-- This character is suspended in the air.
Slow -- This is considered any tile-movement reducing effect.
+1 Tile Knock Back -- This forces enemy characters to be pushed back from the point of attack.
Instant Cast -- This makes the jutsu an instant cast technique. (Must have a 'fitting' reason to be instant cast for approval)
Delay -- The action of the character is delayed until a later turn.
Stun -- This character is completely incapacitated or otherwise rendered helpless.
Paralyze -- This character can not physically act.
Drowning -- This character is rooted and suffers -4 stamina and -2 health per turn.
Bind -- This character can not utilize handseals, attack normally, or move.

Elemental Properties

Each element has its own properties that it tends to stick with. Exceptions can be made to them, but these are the general rule.

Katon: Damage ignoring endurance (to a degree), Extremely Offensive, Rarely any Defense.
Suiton: Drowning, Cost Variation depending on Environment, Equally Offensive and Defensive.
Fuuton: Cuts, Versatile in terms of attacks, Traps are Rare, Mostly offensive, Almost no defensive techniques.
Raiton: Stuns, Tends to be Fast, Absolutely Offensive, rarely ever a defense.
Doton: Traps, Versatile, A lot of Supplementary, Equally Offensive and Defensive
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Jutsu Creation Guidelines
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