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 Manipulator Guidelines

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Manipulator Capabilities

Manipulators utilize control subtracted by endurance to calculate their damage. This means that whatever is left over after the calculations are done is what the opponent takes in damage should the technique land. Manipulators are allowed to utilize a maximum of two normal attacks per turn, each attack costing the user 100 chakra and 1 tile's worth of material.

Movement of some sort is required for every attack. The user must make some sort of sweeping body movement that makes sense with the technique/attack in order to properly use it.

While in combat, the Manipulator passively gains 1 tile of material per turn, 2 tiles if they spend their entire turn making it. If the latter is performed, the action roots the user, costing 100 chakra per tile molded. A manipulator without a gourd can only create a maximum of 6 tiles. However, a manipulator with a gourd can create up to 12 tiles, and store up to 6 of them within the gourd.

Manipulator Techniques

The base attacks of a manipulator are not normally AOE in nature, and a manipulator must create specific techniques in order to give them specific effects or increase their size. This includes flight, defensive actions, and movement. They are created just as jutsu, with the same CP costs as well. They have the added benefit of always being control scaling and only requiring the manipulator perk to create. The cost to utilize a technique requires a set amount of chakra as well as a material requirement.

C rank -- 3x3 tile AoE, CC/Effect (Vary upon element); 2 tile cost
B rank -- 5x5 tile AoE, CC/Effect (Vary Upon element), Defensive actions; 3 tile cost
A rank -- 7x7 tile AoE, CC/Effect (Vary Upon Element), Defensive actions, Flight; 5 tile cost
S rank -- Nuke everything, and anything; 10 tile cost
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Manipulator Guidelines
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