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 Puppet Guidelines

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Puppet Costs

Puppets are created in a wide assortment of ways, and the most common being that of wood. Metalwork is often incorporated but the lighter ability of wood often come to pass. They utilize the same creation points used in jutsu creation, but vary in how they can be created. Each rank of puppet has a number of points that can be spent.

D-rank: 30 points [Costs 1 creation point.]
C-rank: 90 Points [Costs 3 Creation points.]
B-rank: 150 points [Costs 5 creation points.]
A-rank: 200 points [Costs 7 creation points.]
S-rank: 300 points [Costs 10 creation points.]

[Bunraku use their letter grade and can only upgrade themselves with items and equipment.]

Puppet Capabilities

Puppets have many advantages over regular jutsu, they don't tire easily, they aren't constrained by the costs of chakra, they can continue on even after being severally damaged in most cases, many different types of equipment can be customized onto them and the loss of one isn't too harsh as they can be easily repaired and rebuilt. However, they have several difficulties, that being they cannot be repaired mid-combat the way a human can, they rely on ammunition in most cases for anything resembling a projectile or otherwise, and a great amount of skill is required to wield any with great dexterity.

A puppet, with few exceptions, has the same agility as its user, meaning that the more focus that needs to be divided among puppets, the slower overall both parties are. Their health is considered 2.5 times its endurance. Puppet damage can't be nullified completely, and at least one damage is done to the puppet when its attacked if not dodged.

Puppet Upgrades

Main Chassis
Tempered wood -- Each point put into this increases the endurance of the puppet by 1..
Tempered Steel -- Every 2 points given increases endurance of puppet by 3. Weakness to Lighting, resists fire
New Armament -- Every new piece of equipment on the puppet costs 12 points.
Mobility -- Every 10 points increases the tile movement of the puppet by 1, up to a max of 9 additional, base tile-movement speed of 4.
Paint Job - 0 points

Weaponry and Defense
(Weapons use the same point pool that the main chassis uses.)

Melee Weapon
Small -- 3 points; 1 tile range
Medium -- 5 points; 1 tile range, +4 weapon damage
Large -- 8 points; 2 tile range, +8 weapon damage
Colossal -- 15 points; 3 tile range, attacks considered 'sweeping', +12 weapon damage

Whetstone (Melee Only) -- Weapon damage +4 per 3 points, up to a cap of 20 weapon damage.

Ranged Weapon
Small -- 3 points; typically only goes in a straight line
Medium -- 5 points; covers a 5 tile range typically
Large -- 8 points; covers a large distance
Colossal -- 15 points; typically considered to be cannons and such

Small -- 1 point each
Medium -- 4 points each
Large -- 7 points each
Colossal -- 10 points each
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Puppet Guidelines
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