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 Kirigakure no Sato

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Kirigakure no Sato

Village Laws:

I. You do not steal. You earn.
II. You do not lie. Disrespecting a superior in such a way will usually end poorly for you.
III. Official gambling is subject to a rule of needing a Chuunin or above to preside over it and ensure fairness.
IV. Exiting the village requires permission of a Jounin or above. This applies to both shinobi and civilians.
V. The age of consent is 16 years of age.
VI. The legal drinking age is 15 years of age.
VII. Approved medicinal blends for illnesses may be smoked as early as thirteen years of age. The smoking of traditional items (tobacco) may only be smoked at the age of consent.
VIII. Harassment will not be tolerated. Depending on the severity of said harassment, different punishments will be administered.
   a. General harassment will be dealt with by giving a day or two of jail time. If one or both parties cannot reach an agreement, the ones being unreasonable will be subject to lengthier jail-time.
   b. Stalking will be dealt with by the means of the offender being given lengthy jail-time.
   c. Sexual harassment will end with a year of suspension and punishment up to whatever Chuunin or above whom is handling it.
   d. Any false claims of sexual harassment will be met with equal severity.
   e. Baseless slander, or slander with no truth or evidence to support it, will be dealt with depending on the severity.
IX. Assault against your fellow Kirigakure villager will be handled depending on the severity, but the minimum will be jail tail and the maximum will be rehabilitation.
X. Sexual Assault will be dealt with by broken hands and a punishment of the Chuunin or above's choice. There will be a zero tolerance policy for civilians and shinobi alike.
XI. Rape will be dealt with by rehabilitation.

Civilian Laws:

I. Disobedience and/or disrespect to military personnel will land you jail time, or a punishment depending on the severity.
II. All civilians are to remain at least fourty feet (eight tiles) from the main gate without express permission of a Jounin or above.
    a. Genin reserve the right to jail you if you disobey an order pertaining to gate proximity.
III. Civilians are forbidden from being involved in military affairs.

Shinobi Laws:

I. You do not kill your comrades in cold blood. You may challenge them to a death match under the watch of a Jounin if it is deemed necessary for the sake of honor. Assassins will be placed in rehabilitation, as assassinations are reserved for outsiders, not comrades.
II. Respect your superiors. They reserve the right to punish you in any way they see fit for misconduct.
     a. Genin do not possess permission to administer punitive measures, whether it be to fellow shinobi or civilians. Genin are to either jail offenders and write
          a report on the offense, or bring them before a Chuunin or above.
      b. Treasonous behavior will be responded to with rehabilitation. Punishment of death is only to be given in the most serious of offenses.
III. Do not hit an ally with your techniques in battle. The punishment for this will be rehabilitation.
IV. You must request permission from a Chuunin to teach fellow Genin anything above that of C-rank techniques. Those who are found to be ignoring this will be punished in the sense that they will be denied further teaching for three months.

Brief Synopsis:

Since the war, Kirigakure has been relatively exclusive in foreign affairs with missions being the only exception. From even the academy phase the children that are trained to become shinobi are prepared by their mentors to kill for the betterment of their village. Ruthlessness and nihilism were common traits amongst their deadliest warriors, and have since been prized as traits for assassination roles. Trust is a rare commodity granted to outsiders. Only the clans that rallied under their banner during the last great war are permitted refuge within their walls, save for the most extreme and uncommon cases.


Kirigakure primarily consisted of the Yuki and Hozuki clans, with the Hoshigaki being one of the smaller clans that made up the village's shinobi numbers prior to the war. However, as the war progressed and the villages slowly began to die off or be destroyed, they made exceptions for clans that earned the right. These clans were required to shed blood in the name of Kirigakure, both for its protection and economic longevity. And it was a process that lasted more than a century, with the position of Kage being handed over several times. So much, in fact, that the first Kage after the war decided to start the number tradition all over.
For Kirigakure had received a 'rebirth', in a sense. The Nioyo had risen to the third-tier caste due to their contributions in both economic affairs and in the way of their strong Kekkai Genkai. The Kaguya, fourth-tier caste, for their ferocious ability to fight for their new home--and their willingness to shed their blood in order to preserve it. The Kamizuru, whom battled ferverously to the third-tier caste by assisting against the Aburame clan, whom they were fierce enemies with. The Karasu, whom used their abilities to defend the village from the air, fought their way into the second-tier caste. The Inuzuka found their way next to the Karasu in the second-tier caste with the vigorous use of their ability to bond with their animal companions.
And last but not least, the Hatake clan, the first non-clan family to ever earn the right to establish themselves as an official clan within the Kirigakure forces through their outstanding performance. Despite the lack of a kekkai genkai, or any doujutsu.
All of these new clans made up the new village that was New Kirigakure. However, there are some that still only consider the Yuki, Hozuki and Hoshigaki clans to be the true members of the Village Hidden in the Mist. Even the Kaguya whom received an honor higher than that of Hoshigaki are considered outsiders to the most xenophobic of the elderly members in the village.
For it has only been a decade since the war's end, and the 'first' Mizukage is stepping down to appoint the newest Kage. Nidaime Yari of the Yuki clan.

Behavior of the Village:

- Traders born outside of Kirigakure are only trusted to set up business inside of a small, mercenary-protected marketplace outside of the gates.
- Outsiders are only permitted beyond our gates with no less than three Genin, two Chuunin or a Jounin. And only with the permission of a Jounin or higher.
- Techniques (jutsu) are not to be taught to outsiders, nor sold to outsiders.
- Marriage to an outsider is strictly prohibited for shinobi. Civilians must leave the village, permanently, in order to do so.
- Politeness towards traders or foreign officials is encouraged, but friendliness is frowned upon. Establishing a friendship with any outsiders may be punished in any way a Jounin sees fit.

Caste System

Tier 1: Hozuki, Kaguya, Yuki
Tier 2: Hoshigaki, Kamizuru, Nioyo
Tier 3: Kurasu, Hatake, Inuzuka
Tier 4: Non-Clan
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Kirigakure no Sato
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