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 Hozuki Clan

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Hozuki Clan 200?cb=20110114133308
Hozuki Clan

The Hozuki are a very laid back clan socially, typically jovial and carefree, albeit arrogant at times. However, they openly applaud those whom showcase their strength with enthusiasm, and find excitement from witnessing the strength of not only their peers, but opponents as well. Should combat occur, Hozuki are one of the first ones in, taking joy from the act of fighting others and comparing their strength to another individual. Despite their carefree nature, Hozuki are in actuality a very motivated clan, utilizing their desire to fight strong opponents to push themselves up the ladder.

The Hozuki utilize their ability to turn themselves into a liquid form to their advantage in combat, often meshing themselves with their own Suiton techniques to catch an opponent off-guard before taking them down from their sheer power.

As the Hozuki exist as a major clan in Kirigakure, they have a large pull politically and favor the betterment of the village to keep their position of influence. Those of the clan always have white hair hoisted on their heads, razor sharp teeth adorned on their lips, and almost always carry water bottles on their person for the sake of keeping hydrated. Those within the clan always have the '-getsu' affix at the end of their name.

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Hozuki Clan
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