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 The Hoshigaki Clan

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The Hoshigaki Clan TVUOd80

The Hoshigaki Clan

The Hoshigaki clan was among the savages originally making up the foundation of the Village Hidden in the  Mist, albeit a fraction of the other clans' sizes. This did not make them any less visible in the village's history however, showing again and again that their superior tenacity and battle-lust could carry their smaller numbers to the top.

Possessing shark-like appearances for which they, among their battle prowess, often were mistaken for demons, the Hoshigaki fought fiercely for their village in the previous war. As a result of their hunger for violent challenges, most tend to develop sadistic tendencies, toying with enemies to further the thrill of battle. Despite this, the Hoshigaki are typically fiercely loyal to Kirigakure, as well as the friends they determine to be worth it.

They possess a myriad of different shark-like traits which include, but isn't limited to: Sharp teeth, grey or blue-coloured skin, gills on the face as well as along the shoulders and waist and finally, nautically-themed colours of hair. Often, Hoshigaki are taller and more muscular than the average Shinobi.
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The Hoshigaki Clan
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