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 Memori Clan

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Memori Clan

The Memori clan are a strong clan, part of the Sunagakure nobility, or what is left of it. Due to Sunagakure being destroyed, most adult Memori have been exterminated, yet many young children survived.

The members of this clan are known for their fierce fighting, with their ability to manifest many reptilian like traits in order to help them in battle, they have become a well respected clan of Sunagakure, but since it's downfall they needed to migrate once more. Thus now residing in Kumogakure.

The Memori clan tends to join the front lines, due to their legendary endurance. When it comes to personality, this clan ranges from nice and polite, to loud and rowdy.

*Everytime a Memori Clan Leader steps down or dies, it is said that the spirit of The Great Emerald Dragon appears for that moment to judge them. If a Memori is not deemed worthy then the spirit will take their scales away and search for another or leave until another Memori presents themselves. 

When a Memori loses their scales because of the judgement, the only way to restore them is by going on a quest to prove they're worthy of the Memori Lineage. If a Memori is accepted by the spirit then their scales will change color (varies from person to person) that reflect the new leader. 

If a Young Memori believes he/she deserves their colors ( which also gets them recognized as potential leaders in the future). Then they must journey out into the world to seek the spirit in order to prove their devotion and strength. Only a clue of the whereabouts of the spirit is known by the Memori Clan head.*
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Memori Clan
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