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 Inuzuka Clan

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Inuzuka Clan 200?cb=20150515013817
Inuzuka Clan

The Inuzuka Clan are known for their cooperative combat tactics and techniques with their ninken. They can work with their ninken on a level far beyond the capabilities of other shinobi, and can even communicate them regardless of the ninken having the ability to speak or not. Inuzuka are typically aggressive, stubborn, and incredibly impulsive. They act on emotion over logic, and as a result are often hot-headed. However, inside of that rough outer layer, Inuzuka are caring, loyal, and hard workers. They care deeply for their clan, their village, and their friends, and strive to do their best in order for the sake of their happiness.

The Inuzuka have ninken that they work together with in combat, able to create and utilize cooperative techniques simultaneously. Those in the clan have brown hair, and red fang markings over their cheeks. They can often be seen alongside their ninken.

After being driven from the ruins of Konoha, the Inuzuka made their way to Kiri, where they were reluctantly accepted. As a newer force in the village, and from a previously enemy faction, they are often looked down upon by civilians and more established clans.

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Inuzuka Clan
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