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 Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan

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PostSubject: Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan   Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan EmptyFri Apr 14, 2017 7:50 am

BYOND Key: Lyrith the Albino

Character Name: Hayate

Character Age: 22

Rank: B

Creation Points: 12 (6 if accepted)

(IC) Purpose for Jutsu: Hayate has saw the effectivnes of combining his own Iaito technique with soragiri, it provides him a lightning fast slash that is based on speed and percision rather than raw strength. Now he is trying to make a actual technique based on that.

Jutsu Name: Iaito: Kaminari Zan

Intended Rank: A

Jutsu Description: The user bends their knees and firmly grip the handle of the blade, then quickly draw as they burst out towards their oponnent with amazing speed ussing the mach speed burst technique, swinging their blade a certian way to make sharp pressurised air follow right behind the blade itself. Once the user strikes, the compressed air quickly follows hitting the exact same wound make a pressurised explosion right on it, causing immense pain and possibly damage, and in the end the user sheathes their weapon again, if done fast enough it may look like they havent even drawn it. Due to the speed of the attack, the user may suffer tunnel vision or sickness. (

Gameplay Description: 8 stamina cost+1 per tile / Instat cast/ +60 speed/ -30 agility to defensive actions to the user, the turn after the attack was made./ Speed stat =attack speed./ Normal katana and peircing damage calculations + 4 damage per 10 speed./ 5 turn bleed.

Perk Requirements: Mach speed, Katana prof,weapon specialist, weapon prof 2, transitionist, Iaito, Soragiri.

Jutsu Icon: Will provide upon the jutsu being accepted.

Reference Material: This just gave me the idea and Id imagine this is how it looks.

Notes:Im willing to add biger debuffs, or nerf something, or anything really to have this accepted, please no instant denyiarino. Also the instat cast means I can start the jutsu instatly, not fully execute it instatly. Just a friendly reminder <3
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Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan   Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan EmptySat Apr 15, 2017 12:26 pm

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Hayate- Iaito: Kaminari Zan
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