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 Ottavio - Strategic Stamina

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PostSubject: Ottavio - Strategic Stamina   Ottavio - Strategic Stamina EmptyWed Apr 19, 2017 3:18 pm

BYOND Key: OttavioVaz
Character Name: Ottavio
Character Age: 14
Perk Name: Strategic Stamina
Requirements: Monstrous Stamina
Perk Description: This character knows the right moment to act, he don't tire easily and can handle long battles, this character have the option of try harder to increase the power of his attack by decreasing his stamina
Perk Notes:
Time To Take Action -- The stamina of this character will only be drained if the objective of the action is a success, in another case its considered a simple attack or movement, Example: Mach Speed will only drain stamina if the character can move successfully, Lariat will only drain stamina in case the character don't miss the attack etc.
Unlimited -- Each time this character misses an attack or get hit gains 1 stack of Unlimited, in exchange of 5 stacks of Unlimited this character cuts all the stamina drain on that turn by half.
Try Harder -- At the expense of 5 extra stamina the first attack of this character on this turn will break the block of the target.
Why does your character deserve this perk?:
With this Perk I will be able to use my skills in more strategic ways, worrying less about Stamina, and I will also be able to last longer in battles giving a better chance for my character to win after all he is not focused on raw power, he do damage with the time but if he just faint because stamina before that so my character become useless.

My character really have this description of the Perk, he is strategic and for always being said weak focuses less on raw power and more on strategy that need my character to stay without faint of low stamina.
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PostSubject: Re: Ottavio - Strategic Stamina   Ottavio - Strategic Stamina EmptySat Apr 22, 2017 8:22 pm

This seems like a cool will perk, approved for a cost of 20 pp.
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Ottavio - Strategic Stamina
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