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 Nioyo Clan

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Nioyo Clan SlLDBKo
Nioyo Clan

The Nioyo Clan are known for their calm, calculative ways. They are business-men by nature, and their methodical nature shows in combat. They utilize any kind of trick or method to triumph over their opponents, caring more for reward than for growth, although they aim to grow for the sake of profit.

The clan has a unique kekkei genkai that allows for them to create and manipulate steam through boiling. Those in the clan have blue or red hair naturally, and can often be found counting their ryo.

The Nioyo clan did not join Kirigakure like most outsiders. They were previously a more nomadic clan, one that stuck together and created temporary shops for those interested in purchase. However with trade routes becoming disrupted by the war, they sough out Kirigakure and gave them an offer; The ability to create and manage businesses within the village with ease for their power and aid in the war. This was accepted with great hesitation, but ended up incredibly benefiting Kirigakure. The Nioyo clan quickly proved themselves as an asset in and outside of battle, helping to boost the economy of Kirigakure greatly, and being able to decimate massive areas of the battlefield with their techniques. Due to this, by the time the war ended, the Nioyo clan had risen to prominence, almost equal to the political power of the Hoshigaki.

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Nioyo Clan
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