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 Kamizuru Clan

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Kamizuru Clan 7lk2ayb
Kamizuru Clan

The Kamizuru are a very warm and caring clan. They're loyal and stick to their community, working together for the betterment of their home. However, they are extremely strict when it comes to punishment, often utilizing inhumane methods to punish their own. They are a fierce, loyal, and devoted clan, showing such not just socially, but in combat as well.

The Kamizuru utilize a peculiar type of summoning for combat, bees. Through summoning and manipulating their insects, they are capable of controlling areas of the battlefield with the high speeds and deadly power, capable of piercing through the flesh of even the most durable shinobi.

As with many of the clans not primarily from Kirigakure, the Kamizuru were also forced to flee and relocate upon the destruction of Iwagakure. In turn, they managed to join the ranks of the village. Upon discovery of the Aburame joining Kumogakure however, the Kamizuru put their utmost efforts in making Kirigakure more powerful, doing whatever they could to benefit the village. As a direct result, they have been able to drastically increase their standing in a short period of time, reaching political power equal to that of the Nioyo and almost the Hoshigaki.

Hyuuga, Shiseikami says: I'm magic, obviously.
Hyuuga, Shiseikami says: A god masturbated into my eyes, and I was granted the ability to see everything.
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Kamizuru Clan
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